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club de la ville durable sustainable city club A "sustainable city" is a city or urban unit respecting the principles of sustainable development and ecological urbanism. It is much more than a green city. A "sustainable city" as we understand in France seeks to take into account social, economic, environmental and cultural dimensions into urban planning, for and with people. This may be for example through HQE architecture, transport intermodality or energy efficiency and renewable resources promotion. It also includes smart urban solutions integrating safety, security, transport, energy and telecommunications networks.

The Sustainable City Club aims at promoting the French offer and at contributing to the structuration of an Egyptian sustainable city sector through the identification of needs, high potential market segments and operational decision makers. The Sustainable City Club fosters synergies between its members to propose comprehensive solutions to identified local challenges. The Sustainable City Club supports increased French SMEs involvement in Egypt.

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Club de la ville durable SuSTAINABLE CITY CLUB